Best Family Beaches in St. Maarten for an Outstanding Time

When it comes to outdoor enjoyment with family, one of the many things that pop up into our minds are the beaches. Isn’t that right? Beaches are without a doubt a spectacular place to visit, and spend some quality time with your family and friends.

Surely, hanging out on the beaches with family, drinking margaritas, sunbaths, sand castles and having a great time is truly a heart-warming experience. But, sadly, all the beaches are not family friendly, and you need to choose the right one for your family so that you can enjoy your leisure time without a worry in the world.

When it comes to beaches in St Maarten, you will be surprised to know that it has over 36 beaches. Every beach has its own specifications and perks, which urge people to go there and enjoy. The shining sun, warm sand and waves colliding with the beach create a unique environment.

Let’s take a wild guess? You are a resident or a visitor from a different region, and you want to have a marvelous family time at a beach? But you are confused?

Well don’t sweat! The purpose of this article is to provide you with some of the best family beaches in St Maarten. So, without any further ado let’s start

Mullet Bay Beach

Mullet Bay Beach

Just down the road from the Maho Beach, comes Mullet Bay beach. Behold, feast your eyes on a moon shaped white sand beach heaven. You can easily reach this beach, plus there is ample amount of parking even on the busy days.

Things to do on the Mullet Bay Beach

  • Surfers know this beach by the name of surfing paradise, nice slow rolling waves make it an attractive surfing point. Why not have a thrilling wave ride with your family?
  • Undoubtedly, the most beautiful beach of St Maarten. With palm trees leaning in, Do some hammock napping with your family.
  • Have a sizzling barbeque with family and friends.
  • Enjoy a nice blood warming match of volley ball.
  • Moreover, go for snorkeling and explore the underwater world.

Food and drinks

All this fun with family can make you hungry. Well, there is a food point at the beach. You will find plenty of snacks like BBQ and drinks there. Furthermore, you may find food vendors at different points on the beach.

Dawn Beach

Dawn Beach

Located near the open border to the French side of Oyster Pond, is the amazing Dawn Beach. It is white sand beach, close to the east cost of St Maarten. Dawn Beach was affected pretty badly by the hurricane Irma, but it’s back in its vibe and ready to rock.

Things to do at Dawn beach

  • The kids club is your children’s ultimate escapes from the bugged daily routine to some quality family time.
  • Snorkeling is another option for families to explore underwater world.
  • Consider kayaking with you family squad.
  • Sailing, windsurfing, diving and many other water sports await your family.
  • The dawn beach resort and spa offer great services like spa, gym, swimming pool, casino and restaurant.

Food and drinks

You can find many restaurants and hotels near the Dawn Beach. These restaurants are famous for serving quality food. A variety of cuisines is available at these restaurants. After dining, you might want to wash it down with some drinks.

Maho Beach

Maho Beach

This beach is located on the Dutch side of the Caribbean Islands. The most interesting thing about this beach is that it is adjacent to the Princess Juliana International Airport. So, people get to witness extremely close encounters with the landing planes.

Things to do at Maho Beach

  • You can go for dive in the clean blue waters.
  • The place to be on a sunny day.
  • This location is also very popular amongst the Plane spotters.
  • Because of this unique specification it is mostly preferred and considered as one of the best family beaches to visit in St. Maarten.
  • The crystal-clear water with white sand enhances the value of the scene.

Foods and drinks

There are many cool beachside bars, where you enjoy different drinks. There are plenty of food spots near the beach, so you can kill your hunger with a wide range of cuisines and menus served at these restaurants.

Great Bay Beach

Great Bay beach is absolutely stunning. This beach is the closest beach to the cruise ship port. This beach is approximately 2 miles long and has a beach boardwalk with beach bars, dining and of course, some of the best duty free shopping in the world.

This is the perfect location for your family as there are waterslides in the water for the kids to enjoy, and watersports like jetski rentals,snorkling and more. You can rent chairs and an umbrella for $15.00 usd. If you ask they will even give you a WiFi code.

They serve food, just ask for a menu and they serve all kinds of alcoholic drinks and buckets of beers for around $10 usd. If tanning and swimming are not your thing, you can go have some drinks at a beach bar along the boardwalk or do some shopping along Front Street or Back Street or maybe even visit a casino.

Things to do at Great Bay Beach

  • Rent a skegway and ride along the boardwalk. Very thrilling.
  • Snorkeling is another option for families to explore underwater world.
  • Waterslides in the water for the kids to enjoy
  • Jetski rentals
  • Shopping along Front Street or Back Street. Jewelry galore, tons of designer clothes, liquors and more,
  • Visit the many casinos in the area and test your luck..
  • Fine Dining experience.
  • Drinks at a beach bar on the boardwalk.

Food and drinks

You can find many restaurants and hotels near Great Bay Beach. One of the most famous is the Holland House.. These restaurants are famous for serving high quality food. A variety of cuisines are available at these restaurants. After dining, you might want to wash it down with some drinks.

Little Bay Beach

Little Bay Beach

Little Bay beach is been located in the New South is often referred to as “The Surry
Hills of the south”. This is named Little Bay beach because of its geographical formation that
means a small beach. There are a lot more things to do on this beach. Its scenic view attracts
visitors to choose this destination for a vacation.

Things to do at Little Bay beach

  • Now things are different at this beach, you can go for a Rhino safari with your family near the Little Bay Beach.
  • Enjoy a bunch of water sport activities.
  • It is surrounded by calm and warm waters, a perfect spot to lay down and get a dose of nature.
  • A nice place for sunny beach day with family, a widespread beach wo you won’t get bored.
  • Divi little Bay Beach resorts provide some excellent activities to do with your family.

Food and Drinks

Plenty of foods and drinks are available on the beach, so, no need to rush miles away in search of eateries.

Planning a family vacation can be a tough job but when there are a lot of options from the best family beaches in ST. Maarten, you just need to choose the best beach from the ones mentioned above. Beaches are an excellent source of enjoyment and relaxation. But beaches at St Maarten are at a different level. A family trip to these beaches is worth a while.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags in nearest vacations and plan a trip to the mesmerizing and unique beaches of St maarten. After all, your family also deserves a break form the hassles of everyday routine. You should be careful while selecting a beach for hanging out with family and kids, because some beaches allow nudity which can be bad.


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