Top 7 Things To Do In Simpson Bay St Maarten

Simpson Bay Lagoon is an island’s center of entertainment in the West Indies of the Caribbean that is located on the island of Saint Maarten. Simpson Bay is the most popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty, beautiful beaches, and resorts.

If you have been planning to enjoy vacations with family on Simpson Bay, it’s important to know about the top things you should do. Here in this article, we’ll discuss the top 7 things to do in Simpson Bay St Maarten.

Lambada Sail to Prickly Pear Tour

If you visit St Maarten and not enjoy Lambada Sail to Prickly Pear Tour, you haven’t done anything in Simpson Bay, St. Maarten. It is a little cay pure paradise, that is located near to the coast of Anguilla. This tour is a heady combination of rum punches, sailing, and fun-loving crew members.

The Lambada Sail to Prickly Pear destination is all about relaxation; it has beautiful palm trees, restaurants, sugarbirds, snorkeling equipment, and reefs. This beautiful place is a great choice for families to enjoy the holiday and a perfect place to enjoy lunch with BBQ chicken, ribs, or fish on a long beach and shallow waters.

Edge Ferry Tickets to St. Bart’s

This roundtrip ferry ride allows you to enjoy the sightseeing across the charming island. This speedy, smooth ride takes you in just 45 minutes across the Saint-Barthelemy island. You can enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches, unique shell museums, and restaurants once you arrive in Gustavia Harbour, a hub of activity on St. Barts.

This beautiful island covering 9.5 square miles is a perfect size to explore the beauty of nature with rental cars, and taxis by the ferry dock. Moreover, you can also stop at St. Jean Beach for shopping and look for beautiful presents at the local shops before the ferry departs back to Simpson Bay.

Sand Dollar Snorkeling Adventure to Creole Rock

Creole Rock is a large rock formation and a small island in the Caribbean Sea near to the coast of the island of Saint Maarten. If you want to enjoy the beauty of marine life, then set out from Simpson Bay and explore Creole Rock on this half-day snorkeling tour. Sand Dollar is a perfect half-day trip from St. Maarten that offers amazing sightseeing, swimming, and snorkeling.

This adventure will give you the opportunity to snorkel among the various species of fish and catch a glimpse of the rare frogfish in the calm, clear crystal waters. This tour departs from Pelican Marina in Simpson Bay at 10 am and returns at approximately 1 pm and the second tour departs at 2 pm and returns at approximately 5 pm. The total duration of sand dollar to Creole Rock tour is about 3 hours.

Lambada Sunset Cruise of Saint Maarten

Lambada coastal sunset cruise is ideal for those who want to enjoy the beautiful sunset seen on the open sea. Lambada is a perfect ending for a day tour and gives you an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sunset sightseeing as the cruise slowly sails. Lots of music, snacks, and drinks on board make your trip even more enjoyable.

This Lambda Sunset Cruise Tour departure from the Pelican Marina in Simpson Bay and will take you to a perfect day ending in paradise. The Lambada sunset cruise is a perfect tour for couples and families to enjoy a romantic and nice evening.

Edge Ferry to Saba & Rainforest Hike

Saba is a small island in the Antilles Lesser chain and a paradise for nature lovers. It is a great adventure destination for hikers. An Edge Ferry departs from Simpson Bay that will take you to Saba Island, where a taxi is waiting for you, which takes you to Saba trail and the village of Windward side.

This hike mount scenery, which peak is 2,910 feet, is the highest point in the Netherlands’ kingdom. The tour of Saba gives you an opportunity to enjoy hiking, mount trails, and marine life. However, there is a trail for every type of hiker so you can choose hiking trails ranging from moderate to extremely difficult.

Jet Ski Ride in Simpson Bay

Jet Ski Ride is one of the great things that you should do in Simpson Bay. Your tour of Simpson Bay is not complete without experience a Jet Ski tour. 2 people per ski can easily enjoy a high-speed jet ski tour, and each tour is lead by a highly qualified guide for the safety of the people.

These experts guide the tourist how to operate jet ski safely like a professional. Jet ski ride gives you a chance to fly over the warm waves on a thrilling jet ski and enjoy iconic view white sand beaches and lush hills.

6 Seater Buggy Rental Full Day

A full day 6-seater buggy rental provides a facility to explore on and off-road and visit every part of the island including beaches, and all best spots. This 6-seater buggy is a great way to enjoy the whole day without getting tired. It provides a large space to keep bags, cooler, and many other food things.

The 6-seater buggy is specially designed for family and completely children safe. You can enjoy the wind, the sun, and beaches on the most reliable 6-seater buggy vehicle on the island.


Simpson Bay is a beautiful destination that provides an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature closely. In this article, we discussed the top 7 best things to do in Simpson Bay St Maarten.

Simpson Bay has many attractions, such as beautiful beaches, snorkeling adventure, ferry tour, boat ride, off-road ride, and many more.


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