Best Shopping in Philipsburg St. Maarten

The island of St. Maarten is known as a shopping mecca for travelers because of its distinction of being entirely duty-free. Within walking distance (or water taxi ride away) from the dock lies Downtown Philipsburg, lined with cobblestone streets and quaint little shops.

You’ll find jewelry shops everywhere selling fine diamonds, gems, and watches. You will have no problem regarding the variety and quality of Jewelry sold here. Apart from that, you’ll also find excellent gifts for friends and family like artisan crafts, exclusive island spirits, and gourmet foods.

Guava berries found here are very unique and Island is well known for that. Visitors love to try this rum and then head to the main shopping hub of the Island which is Front Street. Amsterdam Cheese and Liquor Store sells Dutch Cheese which has a very exotic taste.

Also, Belgian Chocolate shops are popular among tourists for their sweet treats. The Art Box is another place for tourists to get inspired by an array of colorful handmade local jewelry and tableware products.

A day of shopping and dining in fine restaurants is what tourists love to do here. Here is a selection of our favorite shops in the area or you can say some of the best shopping locations in Philipsburg.

Front Street

Along the cobblestone street are located a variety of Jewelry shops that look scattered in the area due to their abundance. These jewelry shops are one of the main attractions in the area and visitors love to be charmed by emeralds, gold, diamonds, platinum, and more at these jewelry stores.

Works of Internationally renowned designers such as Gucci, Chopard, Cartier, and Versace are available in these stores along with many other custom-made items.

Front Street also hosts some fine shops that have the best offerings of china and crystal. Cash is mostly used to buy items, while some large shops also have the facility of paying through credit cards.

Many other items like liquor, perfumes, t-shirts, duty-free cigars, and more are also readily available. Chairs can be rented along the street to enjoy cold drinks along with breathtaking views.

Sint Maarten Guava Berry

St. Maarten’s national liquor is sold in this shop. If you are a fan of authentic island flavor, then you don’t need to look any further than this shop. Visitors instantly fall in love with its signature spirit as it boasts an addictive flavor because it is made of cane sugar, oak-aged rum, and the guava berries that grow in the central hills of the island.

The Guava berry rum has a woody, bitter-sweet, spicy flavor of its own which is not at all like guava plant. Following a recent revival of the liquor, it is now being produced in larger quantities which was previously only made for individual houses.

They have several formulations made, of this special collection of liquor that are made available, along with hot sauces, colognes, and clothes.

Amsterdam Cheese & Liquor Store

High-quality cheese is what the Dutch, as well as the French, are known for in the whole world, so this little store having an outstanding selection of high-quality cheese is no surprise for anybody. Before boarding the ship, the Amsterdam Cheese and Liquor Store, which also sells yummy ice cream, and also fine quality Dutch shoes,

Knives made out of cheese, stroopwafels (thinks of as waffle wafers), licorice and a fine selection of wines and local rum, makes an excellent final stop which is only a short walk away from the cruise ships in downtown Phillipsburg.

The most popular item in this store, loved by visitors, is wheels of gouda. The shop employees are very friendly and they let the tourists try various samples of cheese, so they can select according to their likings, pairing it with a glass of wine.

Belgian Chocolate Shop

At this small shop, you will taste the best chocolate of your life, and you will become obsessed after tasting their gourmet morsels if you are a chocolate lover.

This shop is famous for their delicacy as can be seen by long lines waiting for their turn outside the shop to try their free samples and picking up a selection of delicacies to satisfy their chocolate cravings.

All the delicacies, around 75 different flavors, are made fresh by Beatrix, owner of the factory, right on Old Street. Grand Marnier, cognac, Whiskey-praline, honey-almond, guava berry, caramel, and even champagne is some of the tasty flavors of Truffles.

Many varieties can be found here such as, orange pineapple, and coconut passionfruit being some of the favorites.

Shipwreck Shop

A treasure trove of gifts can be expected to salvage from a wrecked ship. Characteristically Caribbean goods can be found here, which includes local spices and seasonings, guava berry liquor, and all sorts of crafts.

Clothing, jewelry, artwork, books, an array of lovely domestic items are some of the other great discoveries which will remind you of your pleasant time spent in the Caribbean while shopping in the best stores in Philipsburg.

You might be surprised to see the items in the shipwreck shops, as they continue to deliver great quality products for as long as 40 years living up to their name. For those seeking souvenirs, this is the perfect duty-free stop and worth the time.

Little Switzerland

Thanks to the duty-free import and export from the island, all elegant gifts, and other precious accessories are available for anyone at Little Switzerland.

These beautiful and intricate designs of Jewelry, crystal, leather, china, perfume, and other classy goods draw you towards themselves to take a look and be mesmerized with their beauty, enticing you to buy for your friends back home or something elegant for yourself.

This best shopping stores in Philipsburg are located in several places like (Front Street and Wathey Square), and on the French side in Marigot.

You will find an amazing selection of slightly different merchandise from a Caribbean based world-renowned group. Luxury designer brands like Tiffany & Co, Breitling, Cartier, Ippolita, and many others can be picked from here.

Toppers Restaurant & Rhum Shops:

It all began as an incentive for patrons of Topper Restaurant and Bar in 1995 but soon was developed into a popular product after seeing the locals and tourists loving the flavor.

The recipe was improved and perfected for the locals and tourists alike and now the flavorsome rum is served to customers in glass bottles with colorful designs having swing tops making them excellent vases, table lamps, oil bottles, decorative glass, vinegar bottles and many more.

Made at home from the locally sourced flavors like banana vanilla cinnamon, white raspberry, apple pie, coconut, mocha, and mojito make it an excellent selection to buy as gifts and souvenirs in one-liter bottles.

This flavor has became so popular that it made it debut on shelves in South Carolina in January of 2013, and this business continues to expand because of Topper’s award-winning Rum.


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