Can I Use My Phone In St. Maarten

There is nothing worse then being on vacation and not being able to get your phone to work, so that you can make that phone call home and let them know you arrived fine. Today we will be discussing your best options.

Can I Use My Phone In St. Maarten

Most phones will not work in St. Maarten unless you have a plan with your provider from back home. The best and cheapest way, is to use free apps called WhatsApp, Facetime, Duo etc. You can download and install these apps from your phones App Store ex. Google Playstore, Apple Store.

The one problem is that these apps require a WiFi connection to be able to function. The good news is, that the island has WiFi almost everywhere, even on most beaches. You will find many beach bars and restaurants that are happy to provide WiFi access with a purchase of drink, so you should be fine.

Another way is to go to Simpson Bay and buy a new chip for your phone, which will give you a limited amount of minutes. One place I’ve used many times is The Mailbox in Simpson Bay.

You will have to buy a chip for your phone for as low as $25 , but you will also get minutes with it. The two main phone card companies they have are TelCel and Chippie. There are different plans available to suit your needs. This is a very good option, and is the most reliable for those very important phone calls.

Other services that they provide are phone top ups, faxing, scanning, and computer related services. They also have a mailbox service.