The Best Nightlife in St. Maarten Dutch Side

Nightlife in Sint Maarten, is unlike any other island, without a doubt the options are vast. There are so many things to choose from, just like the 36 beaches to visit during the day, at night the restaurants, the bars, night clubs, and casinos (Dutch side) are countless.

Having said that it’s a good idea to be well informed of one’s options and decide accordingly how to spend your precious vacation moments. Whatever your preference, fine dining or casual, bars or nightclubs, casinos or adult entertainment, you will assuredly enjoy your time on Sint Maarten.

If you are lucky enough to come during Carnival (April) or Sint Maarten Heineken Regatta (March), you can be sure to submerge yourself in the culture and the nightlife of this island, and fall in love all over again, with your partner, your life and this quaint island.

You will feel that there is no better place to party than St. Maarten, anywhere in the Caribbean, that can charge you up in the most unexpected ways. Even if you are visiting during low season you can be sure to enjoy yourself, at any given bar or restaurant ECT, the locals are warm and welcoming, that’s why it’s called the friendly island.

Some of the most famous places for Nightlife in St. Maarten Dutch Side are:

  • Red Piano Bar
  • Lotus
  • Hollywood Casino
  • The Platinum Room



Lotus is the party central nightclub to enjoy Nightlife in St. Maarten Dutch Side having an attractive location in the Simpson Bay area (also called the heart of nightlife). The best place to flirt around and meet sexy people! It is famous for its industrial meets graceful chic look, big place to dance, drink and mingle.

Lotus establishes its value as a popular party spot and as a successful descendent of the SXM club destroyed by Hurricane Irma. They can accommodate larger groups, birthdays, stags, bachelorettes any type of celebration. They also offer a VIP section with bottle service. Enjoy a drink or two, and dance the night away to great music, the bar is fully stocked, the service is amazing!!

Red Piano Bar

The Red Piano bar is a lively place with talented entertainers coming from all over the world and one of the most famous bars in St. Maarten, situated in the center of the Pelican Key. The Red grand piano is the center of attention here. Church on Monday, is the act not to be missed, where you can party on a Monday night dance and enjoy the artisanal cocktails till wee hours of the morning.

Never a dull moment at this bar, with locals and tourists from all over the world. There are also several pool tables available in a separate area if looking for a more intimate atmosphere to talk. The crowd is fun and down to earth adults of all ages enjoying themselves. The decor is eclectic and the bar is fully stocked with premium liquor.

You will surely enjoy good old rock and roll, blues, reggae, funk and soul music besides the live music, dance until the wee hours of the morning. You can be sure any night will turn into an amazing unforgettable party at the Red Piano Bar.

Hollywood Casino

Hollywood Casino is another aspect to nightlife in St. Maarten Dutch Side with an active, unique, and separate poker room in the central Pelican St. Maarten location. This is an eye-catching sight because of complete, surrounding entertainment points such as Italian restaurant ISOLA right next door and also the Red Piano Bar around the corner. The visitors staying at Simpson Bay Resort, the La Vista Resort, and the Atrium Beach Resort have a walking distance access to the fantastic Hollywood Casino. For the convenience of the visitors, the facility provides valet parking which is free of charge.

The Platinum Room

This high-class adult entertainment spot is located in Maho not too far behind the Casino Royale. The Platinum room has been around for decades, not just for men you will spot couples enjoying the music and a show, sipping on their cocktails.

The establishment offers entertainment for large groups, bachelor parties, birthdays, and a VIP section as well. The club opens at around 10 pm, the bar is fully stocked with premium liquor the prices are a bit steep but worth it. Accessibility is easy from Simpson Bay, and Cupecoy, by car or taxi, they also offer valet parking.

All the nightclubs of St. Maarten are enriched with divine DJ’s and dance mixes to keep you dancing throughout the whole night.

Besides these places mentioned above, there are countless places in St. Maarten which are enough to make it the best nightlife destination and could be referred to as “The Las Vegas of the Caribbean”.

After enjoying the day in the sun there are many things to do like sitting in Prive Hookah and Sky Lounge makes you feel on top of the world, singing Karaoke at Toppers, Latin dancing at Bamboo night club.

If after all this partying you get hungry, there’s always Cappuccino Diner in Cole Bay 24 hour diner serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Come and visit the top destination for night life in the Caribbean this year.


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