Getting To Maho Beach From The Cruise Port – Fastest Way!

Maho Beach, famous as the “airplane beach,” is a must-visit site in St Maarten. With its unique feature of having airplanes pass by just meters above your head, it’s a popular spot for both tourists and locals. At Maho Beach, you’ll be amazed by the view of planes taking off and landing while relaxing on the sand.

Whether you’re on a Caribbean vacation or a cruise stop, it’s a must-see for aviation fans and beach enthusiasts. To fully enjoy your trip to Maho Beach, it’s important to know how to reach it from the cruise port.

Fortunately, there are several budget-friendly options for accessing the beach from the port. In this article, will cover the fastest ways to getting to Maho beach from the cruise port and experience this breathtaking attraction.

Fastest Ways to Get to Maho Beach from the Cruise Port

Renting a Car

Renting a car in Philipsburg and touring St. Maarten, including the popular Maho Beach, offers a cost-effective and unparalleled experience.

Nevertheless, if your primary objective is merely to visit Maho Beach, you may not require a car rental from the cruise port.

But, if your goal is to explore multiple beaches and sights across the island, renting a car would be a sensible choice.

Group Van or Private Taxi

If you’re aiming to visit Maho Beach in an economical manner, it might be wise to consider alternative modes of transportation rather than a group van or a private taxi. These options may provide the comfort of direct transport, but come with a heftier price of $20 to $30 per person.

By choosing cost-efficient modes of transportation, you can relish your beach experience and still save money for other attractions on the island. These alternative options allow you to enjoy the beauty of Maho Beach without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

A plane landing on the runway off of the dangerous Maho beach.
Photo by Ramon Kagie on Unsplash

Local Public Bus or Van

Traveling by public bus or van is an affordable and effortless way to visit Maho Beach and immerse yourself in the authentic life of St. Maarten. The trip from Philipsburg Cruise Terminal to Maho Beach takes only 30 minutes by local minibus. These buses are easily recognizable, with a sign on the front windshield reading “Maho Beach.”

Waiting time is minimal, as the vans run frequently. Upon arrival at Maho Beach, disembark quickly to maximize your time and enjoy the beach before the next wave of tourists arrive. For the return journey, simply look for a minibus with a “Philipsburg” sign instead of “Maho Beach.”

The 30-minute ride back to Philipsburg will bring you to the cruise terminal, and if you have extra time, take the opportunity to explore the charming and shopping-friendly city.

Total Cost

The minibus offers the most economical option for visiting Maho Beach. The round-trip cost from Philipsburg St. Maarten cruise port is only 5 dollars, making it a budget-friendly option for all. If you’re searching for an inexpensive way to experience the beauty of Maho Beach, then taking the local bus is the ideal choice.

Why You Should Use Public Transportation to Maho Beach from the Cruise Port?

Here are the top three reasons why taking public transportation is the best option when traveling from the Cruise port to Maho Beach.

Opportunity to Experience Local Life

Experience the true essence of Saint Maarten’s culture by taking public transportation. You’ll feel like a local, traveling in the same manner as the inhabitants, which will give you a deeper perception of daily life on the island.

The ride on a local bus is an incomparable chance to grasp the genuine lifestyle in this stunning destination. Take advantage of this opportunity to establish a connection with the community and fully comprehend the local customs.

Enjoy for An Adventure

Embark on a unique experience with public transportation, a journey that could bring you unexpected surprises. With each ride, there’s a chance to interact with locals and engage in meaningful conversations. Discover more about St. Martin’s fascinating lifestyle, rich culture, breathtaking landmarks, and much more.

Image by Viola ‘ from Pixabay

Completely Safe

Concerned about the safety of public transportation? Tourists who are new to it may have this worry. But don’t fret, public transportation is not only secure but also efficient. So, if safety is your concern when it comes to local transport, you can trust it for your trips.

Saves you Money

Public transportation provides a simple and economical means of accessing Maho Beach. With a one-way ticket from Philipsburg to Maho Beach costing only $2.50 per person, it is easily the most cost-effective and stress-free method of transportation.

In comparison, other alternatives, including those provided by cruise lines, simply cannot match the low-priced convenience of the public bus service to reach Maho Beach.


When planning your trip to Maho Beach, take note of this comprehensive guide starting from the cruise port. Consider leaving with ample time before your departure to avoid any delays on the island’s main road, which may experience heavy traffic.

Ensure to leave Maho Beach no later than 2.5 hours prior to your return transportation, as you may need to wait for up to 15 minutes for a minibus or van to arrive for pick up and transport you back to Phillipsburg. It is our goal that this guide fully answers all your transportation inquiries related to the Cruise Port.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you walk to the beach from St. Maarten cruise port?

At the St Maarten cruise port, a beach day can be quickly and easily achieved at Great Bay Beach. Only a 20-minute walk, 2 km away and visible from the dock, this picturesque stretch of white sand and crystal clear waters is the perfect place to unwind.

If hunger or thirst strikes, you’ll find plenty of restaurants and bars along the beach to refresh yourself. So, bring your sunscreen and have a relaxing day on the beach!

Is Maho beach free?

Maho Beach on the island of St. Maarten is open to the public with no cost for entry. Although, additional fees may apply for things like parking and beach rentals.

Keep in mind, it’s a popular destination for airplane enthusiasts due to its proximity to Princess Juliana International Airport, leading to heavy crowds. It’s wise to plan your visit accordingly.

How much is a taxi from cruise port to orient beach in St. Maarten?

Need to reach Orient Beach from the St. Maarten cruise port? Taxis may not be the best choice unless you find a special deal – expect to pay upwards of $60 one way.

An alternative is renting a car or scooter for a day, giving you the flexibility to explore the island at your own pace and return the vehicle to the rental when finished. Don’t forget to consult with locals and do your research before starting your journey.

How much is the water taxi in St Maarten?

Riding the water taxi in St Maarten is an economical and stress-free transportation option, with one-way trips costing just $5. This fee provides passengers with a scenic journey to their destination.

And for those looking to explore the island’s stunning scenery multiple times, an unlimited rides option is available for just $7, offering unbeatable value for money.

With accessible and cost-effective pricing, the St Maarten water taxi is the perfect choice for travelers seeking a convenient and scenic way to navigate the island.

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