Maho Beach in St. Maarten – A Must See

St. Maarten is also known as the “Island of Beaches” due to its large number of beaches and beach houses. This is why St. Maarten is also the location for many beach vacations. Whether you are looking for family fun or romantic getaways, this is an island to accommodate your needs.

There are many activities that make this island a perfect place to have a family vacation. Family fun is what everyone dreams of having on St.Maarten. But when you are thinking of what to do, you should know that you don’t need to worry about doing everything at once.

Instead, choose from among the many activities available on the island, and plan ahead to ensure that you will have a memorable vacation. The most popular all-inclusive vacation resort on the island is Sonesta Maho Beach Resort and it’s more luxurious counterpart the Ocean Point Beach Resort located on Maho beach.

A Plane Spotter’s Paradise

Maho beach is an enchanting beach on the southwest side of St.Maarten, on the Dutch side. It’s famous for being close or right at the end of the Princess Juliana Airport’s airport code SXM runway, where you can watch the planes take off and final approach landing at the airport day long. Probably aside from the port of St.Maarten the most frequented tourist destinations on the island.

SXM Airport is one of the most dangerous runways of the world and a few places in the world where the beach is on the path of the runway. Plane spotters and travelers frequent this beach and the bars and restaurants surrounding it daily.

Popular Bars Near the Runway

Since watching the planes take off and the land is such a popular sport that the airlines’ timetables are displayed on a surfboard on the beach. Some of the most popular bars are Sunset Beach bar, Driftwood Boat bar and Tortuga Bar.


Since Maho beach is so unusually close to the runway there are many government-issued warning signs to adhere by when tourists are visiting this beach which can get quite dangerous and even fatal if standing too close to the airport fence while planes take off.

As a matter of fact on July 12th , 2017 there was a 57-year-old woman a tourist from New Zealand killed by jet blast trying to hold on to the fence as so many people do. And still thrill-seekers and aviation enthusiasts frequent this beach, locals alike. Thrill-seeking aside, the incoming aircraft’s altitudes are about 100 feet while landing over this beach which makes for amazing photos and once in a lifetime memories for vacationers.

A Beach Lovers Paradise

Maho beach is also a favorite spot for families and romantic getaways. It’s also known for being a popular destination for beach lovers who want some time off from their hectic lives.

Because Maho beach is on a smaller, narrower stretch of beach, it’s often crowded during the peak seasons. However, Maho beach is also one of the most serene and beautiful beaches on Sint Maarten and is perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating, in the off-season.

The beautiful turquoise blue sea and the sunsets on this beach add to its unique charm. The beach itself could be rocky and difficult to get in and out of the water for the elderly because of the jet blasts erosion of the sand. If you are embarking on Sint Maarten just for a day off a cruise ship, then you may want to consider spending the day at Maho beach.

Getting to Maho from the Cruise Port

There are a few ways of getting to Maho from the cruise port. Some people prefer the prearranged tours of the island others enjoy having an adventure. It’s simple just to take a taxi to the beach it may cost about $10 USD per person, there and back. Once you arrive there are plenty of restaurants and bars in the Maho Village.

There’s also a supermarket to pick up water, drinks or food. Most people vacation in this area of St.Maarten, the Maho area is like a small village with everything you need nearby, The 2 hotels are the anchors to the Maho village. The whole area is very safe and touristy,

The Sonesta Ocean Point All-Inclusive Resort

The Sonesta Ocean Point is a newly built, luxurious building. This fabulous hotel is located in the heart Maho. Their services are amazing, the rooms and the environment are so perfect that one can not only enjoy the views but also enjoy spending some quality time in the resort.

They offer gourmet all-inclusive, food, and drink. Plenty of fun activities for adults and kids right on the premises or go ahead and discover the Maho neighborhood.

The Sonesta Maho All-Inclusive Resort

Sonesta Maho hotel is on the same premises as the Ocean Point, a more relaxed and casual hotel than its counterpart, still very enjoyable. This hotel is family-friendly and the lobby offers a bar with a casino, they also have a large game area for kids, by the lobby. Always a great time at this hotel. 

These two different hotels are considered one of the best hotels in St. Maarten on the Dutch side to vacation in style. It is also a 3-minute ride to the hotel from the airport, located on the famous Maho beach plane landing site. People love visiting this place over and over again.


With so many things to do, and so much to see and do, it’s no wonder that Maho beach attracts people from all over the world. But aside from that you can spend days just enjoying the natural beauty and tranquility of this beautiful island, of St.Maarten. Pack up your bags and book now for the time of your life.

P.S. Don’t forget your tanning lotion.


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