Best Hotels in St Maarten for Families

Choosing the right hotel for your family is a crucial part of every trip. You and your family might spend most of the time outdoors, but, when you get back to the hotel it should provide a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. The hotel you choose should have all the necessary facilities to make your time worth a while.

St Maarten has plenty of hotels that are suitable for families. You just need to choose the one which suits you the best. Always consider factors like the atmosphere, food, services, and cleanliness of a hotel before making a reservation.

This article will provide you with the best hotels in St Maarten for families.

Little DIVI Bay Beach Resort

Little Divi Bay Beach Resort is located on the Dutch side of St Maarten. It is situated in a marvelous place between little bay beach and the great bay, packed with the awesome views of the Caribbean.

Following are some specifications Little Divi Bay Beach Resort

  • This resort is kids friendly, so don’t have to worry about your children while staying here, they can run around the resort on a large beach with shallow entry.
  • Another perk of this place is that there are three pools.
  • There are many onsite restaurants within the resort, serving different cuisines with quality.
  • Additionally, there is a grocery market, which is another wonderful option at this resort.
  • Furthermore, there are kitchenettes and refrigerators in the family suites. You may cook a meal yourself, if not in the mood having a restaurant meal.
  • Moreover, the staff is very professional yet friendly, they treat the guests like family.
  • The atmosphere is fun and stress free from the moment you check in.

Guest Facilities

  • Free-WIFI.
  • Kids Activities.
  • Laundry and meal plans.
  • Swimming Pools.
  • Refrigerators and Kitchenettes with family suites.

Little Divi Beach is ideal, and one of the best hotels in St Maarten for families and kids. Furthermore, they offer Bingo and many other games that make your stay here fun and worthwhile. The hotel is quiet and quaint and great for relaxing in your family suites with beautiful views of the Caribbean.

Princess Heights Hotel

The name of this hotel suits it best because it is located at a mountainside in the Dutch part of St Maarten. You will find it near the French border. It is a 3-Star hotel.

Specifications of the Princess Height Hotel

  • The family suites here are condo-styled, which are ideal for both small and large families.
  • These suites provide the guests with the comforts of home, with kitchens and separate bedrooms.
  • The views from the hotel are magical and breathtaking. Visitors should toughen up a little for the climb to the hotel, but it’s worth it.
  • There are several sets of stairs to go from the suites to beaches and the pools. Elevators are available at one side of the hotel building. Children and elders may use them.
  • This hotel has plenty of room for parking, if you are lucky enough to get a spot to a closer level, there are merely two flights of stairs.

Guest Facilities

  • They provide babysitting services.
  • Free-WIFI
  • Laundry.
  • Swimming Pool.
  • Refrigerators.
  • Kitchens.
  • Family rooms are available for five-plus guests.
  • Bars.

Princess heights hotel is indeed a great choice for families who want additional perks of the mountains, along with the great views of the oceans and beach.

Azure Hotel and Art Studio

A short walk from the Simpson bay village in St Maarten, Azure Hotel and Art studio is stationed. This hotel is located on a beach. All suite accommodations are provided to guests.

Specifications of Azure Hotel and Art Studio

  • All the rooms at Azure are air conditioned, improving the living standard of the family suites.
  • Satellite television is provided to the guest.
  • A handsome outdoor living space is provided, to spend some outdoor time without leaving the hotel.
  • and 2-bedroom suites are available.
  • Some of the rooms at Azure provide direct access to the beach
  • The tortoise habitat is worth a while. There is an art studio where the owners and other art enthusiasts display their art and sell it.
  • Loungers and umbrellas are available for the guests without any additional costs.
  • Grocery stores, restaurants and small shops are present at a walking distance from the hotel.
  • Phone calls are free for a several countries.
  • Management arranges tours and excursions are available upon request from the guests.

Guest Facilities

  • Free WI-FI for all guests.
  • Kitchens in suites.

Azure Hotel and Art studio is a great place to stay during your visit to St Maarten.

There you have it, the top three recommended family hotels in St Maarten .

But the list does not stop there. Best hotels in St Maarten also include more hotels like

Simpson Bay Resort and Marina

A relaxing beach resort with dining, outdoor pools indulged in a tropical influence.

Oyster Bay Beach Resort.

Located on the Oyster bay beach, this resort offers free parking. Activities like snorkelling, WI-FI, relaxing spa and dining facility.

Hotel Esmeralda Resort

A tropical resort with a beach front. Provides family suites, offers outdoor pools and excellent dining facility.

Mary’s Boon Beach Resort

A beachside resort hotel, provides suites with kitchen facilities, a restaurant, pools and bars.

Holland House

A polished 3-star restaurant opposite to a beach featuring accommodations for families, providing all the common luxuries to guests.

These are some of the best hotels you can find in St Maarten. These hotels are perfect to stay with your family and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Besides, a good hotel makes your trip overwhelming and full of joy.


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