Best Bars in St. Maarten Dutch Side for an Amazing Time

Bars are considered a key element when you are hanging out, it’s always a pleasure to grab a drink, when on vacation even when you are not a big drinker. Get some tequila shots with your friends and socialize.

The concept of bars is quite old and goes back to the ancient Greece and Rome. Back then, bars were considered as the pleasure houses. Undoubtedly, today bars have spread to a global level and the majority of countries around the world allow bars.

Spending some quality time at a bar is never a waste, it could turn boring evenings into some charming memories. Indeed, some care, and sober behavior is helpful while you are drinking, but as a whole it is a refreshing experience, especially on holidays on St.Maarten.

Although, wine, beer and alcohol bars had been present in the United States for a long time now. But this trend has climbed to the peak during the last century. St Maarten is known for a wide variety of bars. Locals and outsiders both not only cherish the quantity, but also the diversity of drinks served there.

Surely, it is a loss not to try out some of these bars, if you get a chance to visit St. Maarten Dutch Side. Most of the people are confused and have questions like: Which bars should we go to? Well, you are in luck today, because this piece of useful information is all you need to read for determining the best bars in St Maarten Dutch Side.

Pina Beach Bar SXM

Pina Beach Bar is located next to the Holland House Hotel, on Front Street in Philipsburg, St Maarten. A nice place to cool down and have a breath after a long shopping day before returning to your , refreshing drinks and bars games are a cherry on the top.

  • · Special Pina Coladas are served to the customers, the specialty is in the serving style. Pineapples are skillfully carved to use as containers.
  • · You can enjoy your stop here, have a drink and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the ocean.
  • · The Bucket Beer is a special worthy of ordering for groups of over 3 people.
  • · Moreover, free WIFI is available to the customers, which is a blessing for digital and social people.
  • · The Pina Coladas are made in front of the customers’ eyes, it’s a pleasure to see the skills and commitment of the bartenders.
  • · The staff is very friendly and entertaining, they make you feel right at home.
  • · A must if you have some spare time on the front street.
  • · Prices are affordable for the amazing drinks they serve at this bar.
  • · Bar games are also a point of interest, they kill your boredom and make your waiting time worth a while.

This place without a doubt deserves a place in the list of best bars in St Maarten Dutch side. Known for the cheap drinks, friendly bartenders, and providing a great value to customers.

Juggie’s Place

Next bar that comes on this list is the Juggie’s Place. You can find this bar on Front street, Phillipsburg. It’s a little bar on the Dutch side St Maarten, near the cruise ship port, for a fabulous time. This bar is suitable for sitting down and having a conversation, along with enjoying a great drink.

  • · Sit around and listen to Juggie’s stories and have a cold beer and a cigar.
  • · This place serves homemade rum, furthermore there are many ideas of some great gifts to bring back home.
  • · This place is equally entertaining whether visited by the day or in the evening.
  • · Great atmosphere for visitors, everyone is greeted and welcomed in a cozy way.
  • · Tasty cocktails are also offered at Juggie’s place.
  • · Juggie is not one of the hippies, some of the poetry he tells is extraordinary. His quotes and wisdom are legendary, and make your time worth the stay.

Spending some quality time at Juggie’s is must to do thing at St Maarten Dutch Side. This place is unique so is the man named Juggie himself. The drinks are delicious and budget friendly. You can go some shopping too if you like while visiting Juggie’s place.

Sunset Bar and Grill

Sunset Bar and Grill

This place has all the perks needed for enjoying a perfect day or night. It has a pool, 2 bars, and music which can be enjoyed while swimming, and the most amazing part is the eye-catching view of Maho beach. This is an additional complement to the Sunset Bar. Look for this bar at Beacon Hill road Simpson bay, St Maarten.

  • · This bar is perfect with respect to every aspect one can look for in a bar.
  • · Heartwarming views from the waters of the Maho Beach.
  • · You can get the glimpses of the planes landing, extremely closely to the beach.
  • · This place offers a wide variety of drinks.
  • · You can order something to eat too, a lot of choices are available at the restaurant.
  • · The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming.
  • · You should watch the sunsets at this place, a truly magical experience.
  • · A good collection of local beer and variety of food items to make your day great!
  • · Voted one of the best beach bars in the world.

Sunset bar and grill earned its place in the best bars in St Maarten Dutch Side. What’s more enjoyable than getting something great to eat, an awesome drink to wash it down. Having a wonderful view of a beach and ocean with planes flying by at such low height. Include a stop at this place in your to do list is a must in St Maarten.

Without a doubt, St Maarten is a great place to visit. But the bars add up to its beauty. Whenever you plan a trip at St Maarten, make sure you get to experience the wonderful bars of the Dutch Side. After a tiring day of fulfilled activities bars are always a great place to relax and enjoy some dinks.

Sometimes, a drink at a bar is an additional charm to a great outdoor time. If you are going to St. Maarten, it will be a loss not to enjoy the bars. These bars are part of the culture of the local people who can’t imagine a day without having a drink of their choice.


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