Best Hotels in St. Maarten Dutch Side for a Wonderful Vacation

While planning for a vacation the first question that comes into our mind is how to make the arrangements for the trip. A successful trip needs to keep everything properly planned and organized. It saves time and hustle in making the arrangements.

Honestly, it is a bit difficult to make the arrangements once you reached the new destination, because you are not well aware of the places and routes. So, it becomes easier when we properly make the arrangements before leaving on a trip.

The most important thing that comes first in mind is where to stay? Because we cannot enjoy a trip properly if we do not have a a comfortable place.

For proper rest, the place we choose must have a peaceful atmosphere, comfortable facilities and high-quality services should be available. If a person isn’t comfortable, then they won’t be able to enjoy his vacation properly.

There are many hotels on the St. Maarten Dutch side that are providing top quality services. Some of the best hotels in St. Maarten Dutch side are mentioned below.

These hotels are at the top of the list, and the majority of the customers prefer to stay in these hotels because of their services and environment. Here’s the list of some of the hotels that have made a remarkable place in the hearts of it’s visitors.

Sonesta Ocean Point Resort

The Sonesta Ocean Point is newly built. This fabulous hotel is located in Maho. Their services are amazing, the rooms and the environment is so perfect that one can not only enjoy the views, but also enjoy spending some quality time in the resort. They offer all-inclusive, food and drink.

This is it is considered one of the best hotels in St. Maarten from the Dutch side to stay. People love visiting this place again and again, and enjoy the services they are offering. Just make a reservation and move ahead for the most comfortable trip ever.

Oyster Bay Beach Resort

This resort is a perfect place to stay during your visit. It gives the most amazing views, the place is so calm, that one can start feeling relaxed immediately. Its scenic view is amazing and at night it looks like a paradise full of lights.

Oyster Bay beach resort provides their customers with very high-quality service, and make’s sure that they are fully satisfied and comfortable during their trip. This hotel is located right by the beach.

It’s considered it’s own community on the island. There are a lot of activities available at the resort that makes it among the best hotels in St. Maarten.

Divi Little Bay Resort

Divi Little Bay Resort has been awarded the certificate of excellence for its performance and services provided to its customers. This resort is also located in a perfect place along the beachside where customers can enjoy a room with a beach view.

Most people love views, and they prefer ocean views. They have a lot of activities available for kids. So, parents don’t need to worry about their kids having fun. They can enjoy a perfectly safe and calm environment.

The environment of this resort is very calm that gives peace to the soul. Their food range is also very good. This is why most of the people have ranked them on the number 1 among the 12 best hotels in St. Maarten Dutch side.

Choosing this resort for your vacation would never be a wrong decision. It will not only give you peace, but would also keep your kids busy, and active in different activities,

Horizon Beach View Hotel

This hotel is located in the heart of St. Maarten and has stolen the hearts of many people too. They are not only providing luxurious services to the people, but also make sure that every customer is fully satisfied and comfortable with them.

The best and the unique part of this hotel is that on its one side there is an option of duty-free shopping which most people need during vacations, on the other side they can enjoy the stunning Great Bay beach view. So, people who stay here can enjoy a vacation with the beautiful views from the beach, without having to leaving the hotel.

Azure Hotel and Art Gallery

This place is best for people who love art. This is based on an 80 ft long beachfront. Offering rooms with a perfect view. Their services are amazing. Their environment is as very peaceful ad quiet as most people require. This hotel has all the things that a person can look for when planning a beach vacation.

This hotel is especially famous for its services, and has also achieved the certificate of Excellence which helped them to earn “The Hall of Fame” award. This becomes one of the reasons that it is enlisted in the best hotels in St. Maarten .

These are some of the hotels that I would recommend, that would definitely make your trip more pleasant and memorable. Not only this, but you would also get the chance to enjoy your vacation way more, and enjoy every single moment. Life gives us only one chance, so that chance should never be lost. Every single moment is important and should be enjoyed.

If you are visiting St Maarten in the future, make sure you visit the Dutch side of town for some amazing hotels, resorts and some heart warming views.