Most Romantic Things to Do in St. Maarten (2022)

Couples need to get away from daily life to truly experience the love they have for each other. With kids, it becomes difficult to give time to your loved one.

A romantic vacation, away from all the hustle and bustle of life, in a calm and serene environment, is the answer to relive your love life and to make a deeper bond with your spouse.

While there are so many places on this earth for a romantic vacation, there is a half-French and half-Dutch island called St. Maarten. This beautiful island is officially known as “The Friendly Island”.

Romantic Things to Do in St. Maarten

Snorkeling in Clear Water

Beaches on St. Maarten are so beautiful and the views are so breathtaking that it seems almost astonishing and heartwarming. One of the romantic things to do with your partner is to go for snorkeling.

Divi Little Bay is the most popular for snorkeling due to calm and clear water. It is so popular that you’d find the tourists are taken to this Bay by almost all snorkeling tour operators. The experience with your partner is so beautiful

Maho Beach Plane Watch

One of the coolest things about St. Maarten is Maho Beach and its fame to be number one. Located just steps away from the beach is an extremely short runway of Princess Juliana International Airport on the Dutch side.

Massive Airplanes flying dangerously low above your head makes this Plane Spotting a coolest and chilling experience. One can truly feel a sudden strong rush of wind as the jets are flying above you trying to land at the small airport on the island. The strong winds will blow your belongings and your towel across the beach.

French Town of Marigot

Marigot is the capital city of St. Maarten. If you are looking for some delicious French food and want to spend your day exploring and shopping, then Marigot is just the right place for that. It feels more of like a foreign place than Philipsburg. Businesses do accept US Dollars and English is fluently spoken here.

French is the widely spoken language here, but don’t worry, people will help you out in English if you can’t speak French. There are wide varieties of Cafés here where you can find French Pastries, Deserts, Crêpes, and other items. You can sit and relax in any of the cafés.

Guava Berry Rum is worth it

While on an island like St. Maarten you don’t need to over plan and just relaxing with your partner, taking things slowly and just enjoying the atmosphere and the quality time with each other. One of such romantic things to do is to simply relax with your partner while enjoying a tropical drink called a Guava Berry Rum.

If you are wondering about this drink then believe me it is a beautiful frozen pink drink that is the tastiest frozen drink you’ll ever have in your life. Just describing this makes me want to book a plane tomorrow to St. Maarten.

Relax at Loterie Farm St. Martin

The name of Loterie Farm might sound a bit misleading, but it is pronounced as “Lottery”. This calm and serene place is the farthest from a bustling yard one can think of. This Farm is on the French side of the Island in Pic Paradis, sitting across about 100 acres of lush green foliage.

One can explore this scenery on the many hiking trails, and it can also be enjoyed through the zip line over the canopy of mango and mahogany trees.

Make your Perfume

The ultimate souvenir, while leaving the Island, will be something to remind you of the romantic experience with your partner and what could be better than a custom scent to do that. Tijon Perfumeire located in Grand Case on the French side is in the business of making perfumes, colognes, and other skincare products in their on-site lab.

They also offer 60 or 90 minutes of perfume making class. Their staff helps the tourists through the selection from a wide variety of 300 oils, which are then crafted into a custom perfume just made for them to take home. This is such a romantic experience that Tijon Perfumerie keeps the formulas on file just in case you loved it so much to order another bottle of personalized perfumer later.

Soak up the Sun at Mullet Bay

One of the top-ranked beaches of St. Maarten is the Mullet Bay Beach, making it the perfect place to spend some romantic time with your partner on a sunny day. A long stretch of soft white sand waits for you at Mullet Bay along with dazzling blue water and protected coves. Mullet Bay is bordered by an 18-hole golf course and also groves of palm trees.

Locals see this area as a treasure and because of its crystal clear and calm waters, it has also become a popular swimming spot. Even if you can’t find a restroom on-site, you’ll find multiple vendors selling snacks and others have set up shops for offering activities on Mullet Bay Beach.

Enjoy a Sunset Sail

One of the best St. Maarten romantic activity is to end the day with a cocktail in hand, sailing around the sea with your partner just in time to catch a beautiful rosy and gold-hued Caribbean sunset. Sunset sails are offered on catamarans by plenty of operators around the island, with the majority of them departing from docks in either Simpson Bay or Philipsburg.

Happy hour is enjoyed by guests while cruising, and they can tuck into snacks or enjoy themselves by showing their moves in an onboard dance party, or they can relax by sitting back while soaking in views of the captivating skyline.

These are some ways in which couples can make their moments more special and romantic. Love can be enjoyed in different ways, and by having options like these makes it more special differently.

Things to do in St. Maarten at Night

The island of SXM has a lot to offer for those looking for a night out. With so many options, it can be hard to decide where to go. Below are 5 great things to do in St. Maarten at night.

  • Ocean Lounge, in Philipsburg
  • Emilio’s, in the Dutch Cul de Sac
  • Indigo Beach in Indigo Bay
  • Lagoonies Bistro & Bar in Cole Bay
  • Palapa Grill in Simpson Bay

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It is always fun to enjoy different things with your partner in a romantic way and this place is what you are looking for. This is why it is considered as the best place whenever it comes to make any moment special or wants to make someone feel special.


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