Which St. Maarten Beaches are Clothing Optional?

Beaches are a great option to enjoy leisure time. Summer vibes are incomplete without visits to the beaches and spending some quality time. As a whole, beaches are not just meant to lay down on a warm sunny day, many activities are there for beach enthusiasts.

Moreover, activities like making a sandcastle with your friends, boosting your adrenaline by going surfing, taking a dive in the freshwater, or simply just enjoying the sunsets, stuffing your face with ice cream with your soulmate.

Without a doubt, beaches are a great choice for everyone when searching for an outdoor place to hang out. St Maarten is particularly famous for its beaches. Surprisingly, it has more than 36 beaches, spreading out to over 87 kilometers on the coastline.

Beaches at St. Maarten are known for the clear blue and calm waters, with resorts and hotels to stay. Furthermore, there are many activities to make your time memorable like snorkeling, diving, and many more water sports like jet skiing, boating, surfing, and much more.

When we talk about beaches, there are two categories, Clothed beaches, and Nude beaches. Non-Nude or clothed beaches strictly prohibit coming here topless or totally nude. While, Nude beaches provide a free hand to people whether they want to come here clothed, topless or completely nude.

But you might be wondering who wants to come to beach Nude? Well, many people love to visit the beaches completely and without any clothes to get a break from everyday clothing and chill. You’re in luck if you love such beaches because this article will inform you about beaches in St. Maarten where clothing is optional.

Enough talking and introduction, let’s commence.

Orient Bay Beach

Orient Beach can be considered the only authorized optional clothing beach in St. Maarten. You will find this beach at De La Baie Oriente, Orient Bay, St. Maarten.

Here is a blueprint of Orient Bay Beach

  • As a whole, Orient Beach is a pretty lovely place, it is a white sand beach with clear blue water waves from the Caribbean hit the shallows.
  • On the far end, this is a Nudist Beach, a paradise for people who love to roam around naked on a beach holiday.
  • Additionally, there are plenty of good restaurants and hotels near the beach, so your tension for finding a place to eat plus stay is solved.
  • The staff at hotels and restaurants and general tourism staff speak English fluently, that’s a plus point and a relief.
  • An additional perk is that the place has a grocery store, so get what you need just walking a couple of steps.
  • Above all, people are free to roam around topless or completely naked without any restriction.

Happy Bay Beach

Yet another heaven for Nude Beach, Happy Bay Beach is a public beach located in the collectivity of St. Maarten. Providing optional clothing, this beach is on the second place on our list.

What you get on Happy Bay Beach

  • If we talk about the architecture and structure of this beach is a bit backward, but it’s worth the time.
  • Like the orient beach, this beach allows nudity. A separate section of the beach is solely dedicated to the nudist community and visitors.
  • Happy bay beach is a little off the road, but it gives great privacy and personal space to the visitors.
  • Many water sports optional are available at the beach for enjoying the time.
  • Nudists are advised to stay at the French side of the beach, specified for them.
  • You want to be happy? Well, go to Happy Bay Beach, as the locals say.
  • The clear and scenic, best for taking a dive or just feasting your eyes on the great views with a touch of reflection from the daytime sunlight.
  • The evening is beautiful and breathtaking.
  • Drinks and Snacks are available on the beach, but if you want to crave your hunger with something stuffed, you’ll have to drive some blocks.
  • You will go over a small hill to reach the Happy Bay Beach, quenching your thirst for hiking.
  • Snorkeling here is pretty famous.

Cupecoy Beach

Cupecoy Beach

If we talk about the geography of the Cupecoy beach, it is a collection of small patches of beaches scattered between a cliff band. A great place for people looking for optional clothing features.

Cupecoy Beach in a nutshell

  • Nudity is allowed at this beach, so, no need to worry about the restrictions and regulations.
  • The atmosphere here is nice and quiet, you can find some beach coves, giving privacy and some great places to explore.
  • The sunsets are truly magical as seen from Cupecoy Beach.
  • The sand water is beautiful, although, the beach is somewhere eroded but still a great place to visit.
  • There are some condos, staircases, and chairs, so you can take a rest when you get tired from all the fun.
  • Food trucks are often their serving visitors, so you can get something to eat and drink easily.
  • Sometimes busy, and you may have some trouble finding suitable parking, but you’ll find a place after some searching.
  • Go for surfing, if you are in the mood of some adventure.

Mullet Bay Beach

Mullet Bay Beach

Mullet Bay Beach is somewhat you would like to call a semi nudist beach. People are mostly seen topless, and occasionally completely nude. It is a great place to visit and enjoy.

Some aspects of Mullet Bay Beach

  • The beach semi nudist, so, you might be careful while going cloth less. Whereas, it’s alright to roam around topless.
  • A white sand beach with blue Caribbean waves, calmly striking against the soft sand ends.
  • This beach is known for the marvelous scenic places, best for photogenic people.
  • Moreover, a cliff nearby can offer a decent hike and fantastic views.
  • A lot of water sports are offered to visitors, a lot of quiet places for meditation and relaxation.

Generally speaking, almost all the beaches of St. Maarten French Side are nude, plus you can see nudity in the Dutch side too, but it is occasional,and not very common. St. Maarten never fails to amaze visitors by providing everything from wonderful nude and non-nude beaches, mountains, world-class spas, and bars.

If you are looking for optional clothing beaches, focus the center of your search on St. Maarten and you will find what you are looking for. People who love nude beaches can have precious time on the above beaches as well as some other option available. Furthermore, it can be an exhilarating experience witnessing a nude beach, so it’s worth a try.


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